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Online Yoga Classes with David Breen

I’m David Breen, owner of Sharing Yoga. I travel the world and teach Yoga classes online. I spent the past 3 months in India and Sri Lanka – next I’m headed to Thailand.

You can take the classes in the comfort and convenience of your own home – wherever you are – on vacation, travelling for for work, or maybe just a bad weather day.

You sign up for a subscription and create a username and password. You’ll be charged $10 a month until you cancel. 

You can log in anytime – anywhere – on any device – and take any of the previous classes – all live classes are archived for you to watch anytime you like.

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ps. Here’s a partial list of previous classes. Available anywhere, anytime, on any device.

[30 min] Live Stream – Post hike & trail run class, Tiruvannamalai, India
[15 min] Live Stream, Rishikesh, India – Hamstrings!
[30 min] Live Stream from Mt Arunachala, Tamil Nadu, India
[13 min] Core Practice – Live Stream Rishikesh, India
[11 min] Ganga Relaxation – Live Stream Rishikesh, India
[13 min] Backbends – Live Stream Rishikesh, India
[7 min] Breath & Meditation – Live Stream Rishikesh, India
[40 min] Shoulder & Hip Practice
[40 min] Core Practice
[50 min] Sitting, Hips, Pigeon Pose & More
[40 min] AM Floor practice
[20 min] AM Standing practice
[45 min] Using Yoga to bring symmetry & balance back into the body
[45 min] Bhastrika & Kapalabhati breathing, seated practice for spinal mobility.
[45 min] Extended Triangles, Extended Side Angles, and more
[45 min] Relaxing evening stretches
[55 min] Standing warmup sequence, Balance sequence, brief meditation
[45 min] Standing Warm-ups & Balance sequence
[45 min] Relaxing evening stretches
[55 min] Standing warmup sequence, Balance sequence, brief meditation
[50 min] Standing Warm-ups & Balance Sequence
[20 min] Short Practice
[50 min] Vinyasa Flow with Balance Poses
[55 min] Standing twist & side stretch series
[50 min] Routine with focus on Tree and Half Moon Poses
[60 min] Easy Yin Practice with Ujjayi Breath
[30 min] Sun salutations, standing poses, seated bends and twists
[50 min] Slow flow Yoga class
[60 min] Standing routines with a focus on extended triangle and extended side angle
[60 min] Yoga for Gardening?
[20 min] Relaxing Evening Yoga Practice
[60 min] Slow flow with balance poses
[60 min] Back, thighs & hips with lots of down dogs
[60 min] Backbending to counter-act too much sitting
[60 min] Quads, Core and more!
[60 min] Core Flow Practice
[60 min] Yoga for Hiking
[60 min] Yoga Class
[30 min] Yoga at the office?
[50 min] Flow Yoga with Harmonium Shavasana
[60 min] Power Vinyasa Flow
[60 min] Releasing the Back, Warrior Balance Flows, Guided Relaxation.
[50 min] Side stretches, twists, stepping forward from down dog, core strengthening
[45 min] Moderately challenging flow
[60 min] Forward bends & some balance poses
[55 min] Intermediate Flow
[60 min] Hip Openers
[60 min] Releasing stress related tension in the upper back and shoulders, a detailed look at extended side angle, and getting deeper into seated twists.
[50 min] Back pain, weight management and stress reduction.
[40 min] Flow class
[45 min] Yoga routine
[60 min] Twisting plus Half Moon and Dancer with props
[48 min] Floor poses for core and back
[60 min] Releasing tension from neck, shoulder and back. Standing poses with use of block
[30 min] Easy seated, post-activity sequence
[30 min] Legs, Hips & Back
[55 min] Warrior and Hip Series
[50 min] Hip Opening Series
[60 min] Flow class
[30 min] Easier half hour Yoga practice
[60 min] Neck, shoulders, upper back
[60 min] Kundalini warm ups & a back strengthening sequence
[60 min] Moderate Warrior Flows
[60 min]  Energizing warm ups, Shoulder issues, Triangle, Warrior 1
[60 min] Awakening the Psoas Muscles
[40 min] Intro to Pilates
[60 min] Warm ups, standing poses, seated twists
[15 min] Cultivating a Calm, Clear & Tranquil Mind with Breathing & Meditation
[15 min] Warm ups
[20 min] Easy Intro to Yoga
[30 min] Intro to Yoga for Runners
[30 min] Working with tight Hips, Hamstrings and Calf muscles
[67 min] Yoga for your Neck, Shoulders and Core
[30 min] Easy Yoga for Psoas, IT Band and Lower Back
[67 min] Working with Hips, Lower Back and Hamstrings