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RYT 500 Program

Become an Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 500) with our 300 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Program!

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  • Anatomy for Asana – in depth study of poses with advanced, precise cuing to refine your teaching and your personal experience for more effective results
  • Ayurveda – learn to enhance overall vitality and balance with a holistic approach for mind, body & spirit
  • Chakras –  a systematic and pragmatic approach via Kundalini Tantra Chakra Sadhana and Bhuta Shuddhi
  • Yoga Philosophy – Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita & The Upanishads – connecting the dots and putting it into action
  • Mantra – from silent repetition, to chanting, to kirtan – we’ll cover it all
  • Meditation – the most powerful and practical tools for allowing your spirit to blossom by practicing and learning to teach meditation
  • Focus Classes – learn to teach Private Clients, Restorative Yoga, Senior/Chair Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Yin, The Runner’s Advantage, and Trauma Sensitive classes
  • Sanskrit – the language of Yoga bridging the known and the unknown worlds – we’ll cover the alphabet, posture names, pronunciation and more
  • Pranayama – advanced techniques to enhance your meditation practice
  • Personal practice – learn the secret to a consistent, effective home practice
  • The Yogic Arts & Yoga as Self Care – learn how & why rest and good breathing are the foundation for all healing – practice and learn to teach Yoga Nidra,
  • The Business of Yoga, Ethics, Practicum and more

Faculty for this training include:

Our 500 training includes:

  • all materials
  • all 500 RYT books (you will need to possess our 200 RYT books for reference which are not included in the price)
  • a free monthly membership to Sharing Yoga for the duration of the training
  • a free monthly membership for our online classes for the duration of the training
  • free water and fruit at the studio to help keep you alert during the training
  • free off street parking on Saturdays & Sundays


Teacher Training Program Frequently Asked Questions

Are books and materials included in the price of the training? Your books are included in the price of the training. You will need to purchase your own journal/notebook for your personal use. How proficient in yoga do you have to be to do the program? You should have some experience with Yoga, but you don’t need to be proficient in all the Yoga postures and techniques. Our program focuses on teaching you about Yoga and about yourself, along with how to share Yoga with others. How many students are enrolled in each Teacher Training at one time? What is the typical age range of the participants? There are usually 15-20 participants enrolled in the program at one time. As the program grows we may allow more participants if we find a suitable space to accommodate a larger group. All ages 18 and older are welcome. Do I need to have any other qualifications to be accepted into the program? You need to have a desire to learn more about Yoga and Yoga philosophy. What if I miss a class? If you miss a class or part of weekend training you will need to make arrangements with the program director to make up those hours. (There may be additional fees for make up hours). Do you offer scholarships or work-exchange programs? We do not offer scholarships at this time. Occasionally we do have work-exchange programs available to help defray the cost of training. How much time should I expect to spend on homework? Plan to spend around 2 hours per month on outside assignments, papers and presentations. You should also plan on at least an hour per week for the reading assignments. Do you help organize accommodations? Please contact the program director for assistance with finding accommodations. What is the Yoga Alliance? Yoga Alliance® is the national education and support organization for yoga in the United States. They work in the public interest to ensure that there is a thorough understanding of the benefits of yoga, that the teachers of yoga value its history and traditions and that the public can be confident of the quality and consistency of instruction. Yoga Alliance also maintains a Registry of Yoga Schools to recognize yoga teacher training programs that meet our 200-Hour and 500-Hour standards. All graduates of a Registered Yoga School are automatically eligible to register as RYTs. What if I want to teach at Sharing Yoga? Talk to the program director to find out more details about teaching at Sharing Yoga. What is your refund policy? If there is any doubt in your mind about your current or future commitment to the program please choose the Payment Plan Option and not the Prepay Discount or Pay in Full option. Once the training begins we do not offer any refunds. Refunds made before the training starts are subject to the deduction of administrative fees and credit card processing fees totaling $200.