Trauma Sensitive Yoga Training

Saturday & Sunday 10/26 & 27, 2024, 11:30-5:30pm.

Yoga has long been a system of philosophies and practices that has helped to heal the body-mind connection, improving homeostasis and the sense of well-being and ease. Scientific research is proving tangible benefits of these ancient practices, especially in the areas of trauma and PTSD. In fact, studies often show that yoga is a promising adjunct therapy to address the common physiological, emotional, and psychological issues associated with various trauma experiences.

This program provides the framework necessary for teaching yoga and mindfulness to at-risk and marginalized populations including prisons, homeless shelters, VAs, hospitals and other arenas where trauma is often a factor in or result of one’s current life situation.

Understanding the unique approach to yoga for trauma, participants can expect to learn how to help people better self-regulate and move into a space of greater self-efficacy. Participants of this program will learn:

*Effects of trauma on the mind, body and nervous system

*Uses of Tantra Hatha Yoga to help heal the mind/body disconnect following trauma

*Practices of Tantra Hatha Yoga to help students and clients better understand and heal from trauma

*How trauma informed yoga is different than a “regular” studio class (language/cueing, postures, pacing, philosophies)

*How to create and teach trauma-based yoga classes to various populations and in different settings

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